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Vol. 7 No. 2 (2023)
Published June 1, 2023
American Journal of Translational Medicine

American Journal of Translational Medicine (ISSN 2474 -7378 for print, ISSN 2474-7386 for online) is a peer-reviewed biomedical journal publishing articles focusing on information derived from human experimentation so as to optimize the communication between basic and clinical science. The journal is published by Hawaii Gangze Inc. in Honolulu, Hawaii, the USA since 2017. The editor-in-chief is Dr. Gang-Ming Zou..

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Lanjing Wei, Siqi Liu, Qing Zhao, Yu Wang, Jinlei Lv
The role of the HMGB1/TLR signaling pathway in the pathogenesis of lupus nephritis
Hao Song, Chuanfei Wei, Xianjie Lu, Zhongyuan Chen, Hui Zhao, Fabin Han
Transplanting Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-derived Neural Stem/Progenitor cells for Treating Spinal Cord Injury
Qiutong Dong, Peizhe Lin, Jia Yi, Xianbin Kong, Baisong Zhao, Long Yang
Drugs for COVID-19: Revealing Mechanisms of Action, Adverse Reactions, and Solutions


Xiaomao Yin, zhiqian hu, Xinxing Li, kai xu, shuxun wei, taojun jin, shifeng teng, wenqiang wang, wei zhang
Development of a cuproptosis-related prognostic signature and associated regulatory axis in colon cancer
Taojun Jin, Weiling Tian, Jianmei Ji, Xiaomao Yin, Biao Gong
Effect of preoperative radiotherapy on survival of advanced gastric signet-ring cell carcinoma
JinYu Hu, Yi SHao, Hong Wei, Jie Zou, Qian Ling, Qianmin Ge, Cheng Chen, Liangqi He
Using the percent amplitude of fluctuation method to study the relationship between changes in brain activity and eye movement disorders in patients with orbital fracture

Meta analysis

Jing Wang, Di Wang, Pan Ai, Yi Sun, Sijie Li, Anshi Wu, Changwei Wei
Regional and General Anesthesia for Preventing Postoperative Delirium in Adults: An Updated Meta-analysis
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