Advances in glioma biomolecular subtyping

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Chuan. (2017). Advances in glioma biomolecular subtyping. American Journal of Translational Medicine, 1(4), 212–218. Retrieved from


The evolution of glioma biomarkers has advanced during the last decade based on innovative genomic technologies, illustrated by interactions between specific genetic alterations and based on diagnoses formulated by both histological and biomolecular evidence. Recent guidelines have provided a more practical scheme for classifying intracranial glial-cell tumors using both morphological and genetic methods. In this review we characterize several classic gliomas biomarkers and their associations with clinical significance according to the 2016 WHO Classification of Central Nervous System Tumors to summarize their biomolecular evolvement in gliomas. (Am J Transl Med 2017. 1(4):212-218).