COVID-19 infection and cardiovascular disease


COVID-19, pneumonia, cardiovascular, injury, management

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Chang-Hao. (2020). COVID-19 infection and cardiovascular disease. American Journal of Translational Medicine, 4(4), 171–181. Retrieved from


The COVID-19 pneumonia 2019 (COVID-19)epidemic broke out in Wuhan, China in December 2019, and it has been spreading rapidly all around the world. The respiratory system is the main organ affected by COVID-19. Recently, numerous studies have found that COVID-19 can also cause significant cardiovascular injury. In addition, some studies have found that patients with underlying cardiovascular diseases have a significantly higher risk of progressing to critical cases and even death once infected with COVID-19. Herein, we review the mechanisms and clinical manifestations of cardiovascular injury caused by COVID-19 based on existing studies. In addition, we summarize the possible intervention strategies to strengthen the management of cardiovascular events, and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular injury caused by COVID-19. (Am J Transl Med 2020. 4:171-181).